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How about a professional photo shoot for your pride and joy!?


Perhaps you or a loved one has a treasured classic car or bike?

Maybe you've a machine that's been handed down from generation to generation?

Or you've got a lovingly crafted shed creation?

Has Grandad turned out a fabulous restoration of an old car or motorcycle?

Everyone has the customary studio family photo shoot, but have you ever wished that could be a reality for your beloved old MGA? Or the Triumph Bonneville you've lovingly restored?

Ever looked at the cars in the magazines and thought you'd love some nice shots of your motor, but the one's you take never quite seem to be as you'd like?

Wouldn't it be fab to have a professional photo shoot of your special vehicle? A keepsake to treasure forever?

Well now you can. A lot of my time is spent shooting cars and bikes, especially at race meetings, for websites and magazines and a whole multitude of other clients. But some of the most fun I have had is meeting the enthusiasts for whom having a treasured classic, is a labour of love and privilege. 

I've never really been interested in becoming a studio based portrait photographer, but a portrait photographer for beautiful cars and bikes? Well now we are talking!

My old man made sure I was a petrol head from birth, I've a great passion for all things with engines and I would love to share that with people that also have that passion, by providing a photoshoot service that captures your pride and joy in the stunning way that it deserves.

Purchase this great opportunity today, either to indulge yourself (which you totally deserve by the way), or as a gift for a petrol headed loved one. Dates can be arranged afterwards at a time that works for us both, either at weekends or during the week.

All of the professionally edited photos are yours to keep, presented to you on a personalised USB Dongle, as well as an A3 print of your choice from the day.

For gift bookings, I can provide a gift pack to present to the lucky recipient.

Please do feel free to contact me with any questions or to arrange a booking.


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A Professional Vehicle Photo Shoot for the brilliant price of just £249

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What to Expect on the Day

After we have agreed a date and time slot for your photoshoot the exciting day itself will arrive! The day itself will follow the pattern I take when I shoot for commercial clients. We will talk on the phone beforehand to agree any locations we may wish to shoot at and cover off if we need permission to shoot there, or any potential dangers we might encounter. Then when we meet it would be great to have a tour around your pride and joy, I love to hear the stories of the vehicles that I photograph and to be shown their individual quirks and details. This all helps to build up the vehicles personality and shape the photo's that I take.


Once I have a feel for your vehicle and after travelling to any location(s) we might be using I will start taking photographs! This is likely to include moving the car or bike about a bit to get the best shots, don't worry if you'd rather not be firing the engine up for small movements, I completely understand and I'm a dab hand at pushing! 


As well as the static shots we can have a bit of fun doing some moving ones as well, I also like to travel in the car between locations and get some on boards! Although if it's a bike I will of course drive myself, or perhaps even come along on my Norton! By the end of the session I'll have photographed your cared for classic or trusty steed inside and out and captured some truly memorable shots. Hopefully we will have a lot of fun doing it as well!


After that we'll shake hands and I'll get busy with the editing! I aim to have this turned around within a couple of weeks, but it may be longer during my most busy periods. I'll sneak a couple of shots out as I go to give you a little sneak preview, and check your happy with what I'm doing. When everything is finished, I will load your photos into an online gallery and if you are happy, dispatch all of the shots to you on a personalised USB dongle!


Bad Weather!

In the case of very poor weather I will telephone you in the week to see if you are happy to proceed. I can shoot in the rain no problem (it almost always rains when I'm on location in Ireland or the Isle of Man!), but I understand if you would rather not get your machine out in the wet! I will endeavour to re-book for a better day as much as possible. All I ask is that you work with me on this. If poor weather is an absolute no no for you and keeps becoming a problem, there are some solutions we can talk about to enable us to shoot.



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